My name is Ivana. I like long walks on the beach, bad bitches, and fried chicken.

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It’s like a knife tears you open, slowly. And you know you might die, or be in a barrage of constant pain, either way, the pain is memorable. If you die, those who care enough will miss you, if you live, you will always have a scar of your ordeal, either way, no one can truly know your pain, and you know it. You scream but no one hears you, and you wonder if the sound that pierces the air is truly real if no one but you can hear it.

I was talking to this girl and the conversation was going great until she asked me about school and how long I had until I graduated and the fact I live with my family, then when I told her I have 2-3 years until graduation she completely shot me down and wouldn’t talk to me.

Now I feel like shit and hate people even more, someone help pull me out of this crop circle of fuckshit.

I’m trying to put my deodorant on before class and this girl walk up to me like “ew can you not do that?” And I’m like “nigga do I know you? You rather me smell like your stank breath? GTFO of my face before I shove this stick down your throat”.